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Our technicians create customized maintenance programs for each and every customer. We make sure they have the most up-to-date knowledge of techniques available for use in your home and business!

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Same day services when available.

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The following specifications show what to expect when you sign up for our services as well as our commitment to ensure that they are completed.


Lawn Mowing Services

Our standard lawn care service includes mowing the entire lawn, string trimming all fences and objects in the lawn. We edge all sidewalks, driveways and hardscapes with a blade and blow off all trimmings. Mowing height is dictated by the season, temperature, and variety of grass. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service. We recommend weekly service if you water your lawn, fertilize, or wish to improve the overall quality of your lawn. Mowing regularly helps to eliminate pests, reduce weed growth, increase bio-activity in the soil and create a more equal distribution of nutrients in the lawn.


Lawn Inspection

We provide periodic lawn evaluations. This will include recommendations on how to improve the overall health of your lawn. The crews also will make recommendations as well. Recommendations can include watering instructions, fertilization, and any other items that will help to improve the overall health of the lawn and soil.



 Weekly Full Service Mowing Program:

Mowing, edging, weedeating, blowing  42 visits per year.

Weed pulling in beds

Leaf cleanup as needed

Shrub pruning

Spraying weed killer in beds, cracks and crevices

Trees and palms cleaning up to 8 ft.